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I'm a lifelong reader, writer, musician, and dreamer who creates to reach out to others. Some of my favorite things are Terry Pratchett's The Science of Discworld, Overcooked! 2, Trine 2, and Joe Hisaishi's OST for Howl's Moving Castle.


Ragnarök TD ( - WolverineSoft Studio @ UMichNarrative Designer | Audio & Narrative Coordinator

Ragnarök TD – Narrative Work (Video)

TIMESTAMPS, for your reference:
0:08: Visual Novel, Scene 1
2:25: In-Level Gameplay
3:00: Visual Novel, Scene 2


  • Designed in-level conditional dialogue system in response to playtest feedback to improve player experience

  • Wrote and implemented in-level and visual novel dialogue, item descriptions, and more in Unity

  • Created and maintained narrative design documentation in Confluence

  • Outlined and developed possible game themes and concepts for other designers' consideration and overall creative direction

  • Managed tasks and scheduling for 5-person narrative team

  • Coordinated with 12 other artists, programmers, and designers to successfully ship game in 12 weeks

Initial Design Doc

Dialogue, Descriptions, etc.

Rideshare Rampage ( - WolverineSoft Studio @ UMichBarks Writer


  • Supervised the first implementation of voiceover in a WolverineSoft Studio game, from writing to recording to implementation

  • Wrote and implemented 40 passenger barks for idle, rating, and other functions to suit game's tone and existing features

  • Collaborated and coordinated with 5 voice actors to record and send back voiceover in a remote studio


Blood for Blood ( - Epic Games MegaJam 2021Narrative Designer

Your world has turned against you, and the god of the forest will help you...for a price.
Do you accept?


An intimate short story against a sci-fi backdrop.

Are You–?

A ten-minute play about two people falling in-fatuation.

12 Things Scientists Don't Want You to Know About Modern Technology

A love story in text messages.

that warm honey sweetness

"I do not know if I love you...
I do not think that I do."


Sound Design – Demo Reel

Ragnarök TD ( - WolverineSoft Studio @ UMichTechnical Sound Designer | Audio Coordinator

Music Tracks Composed and Produced for Ragnarök TD (playlist):

  • Implemented over 150 SFX, including ambience, UI, 30+ voicelines, and more through Wwise-Unity Integration and Unity C# scripts

  • Designed and foleyed SFX in Reaper and Izotope RX, ranging from attacks and UI to ambience and music, to fit the needs of the game

  • Composed and produced 2 tracks for credits and visual novel scene

  • Coordinated tasks for and collaborated in 3-person audio team

  • Set and followed standards for asset tracking, file types, bitrates, and sample rates

  • Tested implementation; identified and resolved audio bugs

  • Meticulously used Git version control

  • Worked from first audio implementation to shipment

  • Worked closely with programmers, artists, and designers to ensure smooth implementation and overall game cohesion

Rideshare Rampage ( - WolverineSoft Studio @ UMichComposer | Sound Designer | Audio Implementer

A case study of Crazy Taxi, a 3D racing game.

Level Music (as post-produced by me):

Vocals, Lyrics, and Post-Production by Crystal Lee.
Guitar and Drums by Jacob Wolfe.

  • Implemented ambience, 7+ UI SFX, 17 voice lines, and 2 music tracks via Wwise-Unreal Engine 4 Integration and Blueprint Visual Scripting

  • Edited 3 sound FX and 10 voiceover assets in Reaper for implementation in Wwise and UE4

  • Composed and recorded vocal lyrics and melody for guitar and drum track

  • Edited together 2 different musical tracks in Reaper for an overall cohesive sound

  • Collaborated closely with 2 other audio team members to create and implement SFX and audio assets throughout the game

  • Successfully collaborated across audio, world-building, UI, and art departments to design, create, and implement sound effects and music

  • Responsibly managed tasks, time, and scheduling

  • Diligently contributed to design, world-building, and UI meetings

Blood for Blood ( - Epic Games MegaJam 2021Composer

Level Music (Composed and Produced by Crystal Lee)

  • Composed and produced level music

  • Collaborated in team of 5 to create game in 6 days for the Epic Games MegaJam 2021

  • Prototyped main menu and level music implementation in Unreal Engine's Blueprints for programmers' convenience

  • Maintained consistent communication over game development period

"Kokomo Gang" - Space Boy: The Official FandubComposer

Full Version

As seen in the Space Boy: The Official Fandub
Season 1, Episode 8 (8:06-8:58)

Composed by Crystal Lee and Stephanie Clare.
I used Musescore, MIDI, VSTs, and Reaper to compose and produce this track for Space Boy's main character and her friends at her new home on Earth. Stephanie wrote the underlying sixth-note figure in the first and last sections and arranged chords; we worked together on orchestration.
Listen for the classical complexity in an accessible style, the soft mix of piano and a couple layers of acoustic guitar.
The entire track is our original work.You can find Stephanie's work here, and her version of Kokomo Gang here.

Sonatina in A

Entirely created by Crystal Lee (<-- that's me!)
A sonatina, or "mini sonata," in A Major for flute and piano. “Sonatina in A” is a study of the classical sonata form. The main sections of this piece are an A theme, a B theme, and a “development section."
Listen for complex chord progressions, realistic, playable piano, chromaticism, and an intelligible experience amidst the underlying complexity.
One of the challenges I faced was composing two themes that were different, but not too different, and linking them together smoothly. After all, they had to fit within the confines of this one piece! This piece taught me that technical elements, like key, tempo, and instrumentation can connect two themes; it also taught me that just linking together these elements doesn’t always sound good. I learned to blend both these elements and my own instincts to create music that I like.
“Sonatina in A” was composed in Sibelius and Musescore, and produced in Reaper.

COMING SOON: Rideshare Rampage
Composer, Sound Designer, Music and Audio Implementer

Video of gameplay
Soundcloud of Red Sky (my version)